Accelerate your MQLs with the right strategy and leaderhip

0.4% of all companies ever reach the $10 million mark. Building an MQL engine is critical to any SaaS company getting there.

Does this describe you and your SaaS company?

We know exactly what you're going through because we've lived through it ourselves

$1-3 million in ARR, self-funded

• Your company is in a new phase

• You, as a founder/CEO, are being stretched thin

• You need more leaders to emerge

Built primarily on Sales

• Deals are coming in monthly

• Sales is where you are needed the most

• You recognize how important marketing is as a growth lever for your organization

No Marketing strategy or leader

• Your company lives at the tactical level when it comes to marketing

• No one internally has the chops to lead the marketing effort

• You stepping in as the interim VP of Marketing isn't the solution

Our 3-stage process 

Designed to bring CMO-level thinking to build marketing as a core pillar of growth for your SaaS company

Stage 1

We conduct a deep dive audit of your current activities, channels, performance and metrics.

Types of questions we ask:

• What is your current traffic?

• How many MQLs are currently being generated?

• Which channels are the MQLs coming from?

• What are the conversion rates of MQLs to Paid Accounts?

• What does your current sales funnel look like?

• What is the journey a prospects and buyers go through?​

• What is your ACV?

• What is the LTV of an account?​

Stage 2

We create and document a clear-cut, bonafide strategy and prioritize focus areas for all marketing activities.

We create and document a plan that includes answers to the following:

• Where are your biggest opportunities?

• What resources are available in terms of people and cash?

•What should your focus areas be? Content? Conversion optimization? Facebook ads? (obviously we can't prioritize everything with finite resources)

• What is our go-to-market for our chosen focus areas?​

• What is the target we want to achieve? And by when? (e.g. increase MQLs by 30% in 1 year)

Stage 3

We set up the operational structure, coach your team and provide hands-on assistance to get more MQLs into your sales funnel.

What we put in place:

• What is the roadmap to deliver on our chosen strategy?

• What should our OKRs be for next quarter?

• How should we organize people and teams to deliver on those OKRs?

• What support/coaching does your team need to follow-through on our plan?

• What hands-on work can we help ship to meet our targets?

Shane Melaugh

Shiv has been with Wild Apricot for almost 3 years and I am proud that not only I can call him a great colleague and a very strong leader of our sales and marketing efforts but also a personal friend. Shiv has a real passion for learning and growth and is constantly seeking for ways we can reach and help more small associations and nonprofits.

Dmitry Buterin

CEO, Wild Apricot​

Shane Melaugh

I've mentored Shiv since 2014 and observed him devise and execute impressive strategy and marketing for Wild Apricot in an ultra-ultra-competitive market. Shiv has created, overseen, developed and perfected very sophisticated sales funnels. He is an exceptional asset to bring into your sales and marketing mix.

Jay Abraham

CEO, Abraham Group

Shane Melaugh

I met Shiv a couple of years ago and jumped at the chance to join his team this year at Wild Apricot. He’s a high-level strategic thinker who can solve large, complex problems. I am constantly wowed by his leadership and ability to bring out the best in everyone who works with him. He's also a killer poker player.

Donald Cowper

Bestselling Author

Head of Content, Freshbooks (Formerly)

Head of Content, Wild Apricot

Shane Melaugh

Shiv is a master strategist and leader with an uncanny ability to identify the right path forward and focus his team to solve big problems. I am lucky to count him as a mentor that has enriched my life. Shiv has an enlightened view on the role of Customer Success in the SaaS business model, where you need to earn your customers' trust every day and provide massive value to keep them in the fold.

Patrick McNeill

Director of Customer Success, Freshbooks (Formerly)

Director of Customer Success, Wild Apricot

Shane Melaugh

Shiv has a unique talent to get right down to the deepest message around a companies value proposition and how to communicate that message in a way that stirs emotions. Combined with his insight into which traction channels to use to get in front of your target market, it's a powerful combination to help grow a business.

Keith Holloway

Founder, Envoke