Grow your SaaS company​​​​

How To SaaS podcast episodes feature proven strategies from SaaS founders, CEOs and growth leaders to help you grow and scale your company.

Featured Episodes

Ep. 33: Neil Patel

Neil and Shiv talk about why content marketing is not a strategy every SaaS company should follow.

Ep. 10: Jon Miller

Jon and Shiv chat about the step-by-step process to deploy an Account-Based Everything strategy.

Ep. 4: Joey Coleman

Joey and Shiv chat about how the first 100 days are the most critical in the customer's journey.

Ep. 36: Zane Tarence

Zane and Shiv talk about the 5 critical factors private equity investors analyze when investing in SaaS companies.

Ep. 34: Nicholas Kusmich

Nicholas and Shiv talk about how SaaS companies should be using Facebook ads to acquire and convert more leads.

Ep. 31: Laura Roeder

Laura and Shiv talk about the branding strategy that has helped Meet Edgar grow to $4MM in ARR.

Ep. 32: Lars Lofgren

Lars and Shiv talk about the A/B testing philosophy behind how KissMetrics generated 8000 leads per month.

Ep. 30: Tucker Max

Tucker and Shiv talk about how companies can manipulate the media machine to gain coverage the way Donald Trump does.

Ep. 6: Hana Abaza

Hana and Shiv talk about how Uberflip is using webinars to pioneer the content experience across the buyer journey.