Ep36 – The 5 critical factors of private equity investing in SaaS companies with Zane Tarence

On Episode 36 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv Narayanan talks to Zane Tarence, Managing Director of Founders Investment Banking, on the 5 critical factors private equity investors analyze when investing in SaaS companies.

Zane and FoundersIB also host an annual event for SaaS founders, CEOs, executives and private equity investors called Silicon Y’all. This year, I’ll be speaking at this event and talking about growing Wild Apricot to $10MM in ARR without a sales team.

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Why your SaaS company needs a Marketing Operations Manager

Most SaaS founders, CEOs, CMOs and growth leaders are very good at engineering predictable growth. These same people need help getting their acquisition numbers in order.

Enter the Marketing Operations Manager.

Think of this person as the “COO” of your Marketing team. Whether you realize it or not, someone or multiple someones are currently playing this role on your team.


  • Gather and reports on critical acquisition and attribution metrics for content, website, social, paid media and all of your other activities
  • Have a deep technical understanding of your marketing automation and how your customer journey is configured
  • Project manage initiatives involving multiple stakeholders within your marketing team or across departments

If you’re filling this role in the aggregate, with multiple people, you’re likely not fulfilling any of these activities well enough. These are activities that require full-time attention.

And finding this person is as difficult as finding a unicorn because this one person brings together expertise in:

  • Marketing Technology
  • Analytics and Attribution
  • Project Management
  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing

This person should be one of your first 5 hires on your SaaS marketing team. Here’s why:

  1. At every step of the way, you need to have your ROI and CAC numbers in order. You need to know what to scale, what to roll back. I’ve seen a lot of marketing teams flounder and “guesstimate” where their attention needs to go, while burning a lot of cash in the process. This person will equip you with the right knowledge to make the right decisions.
  2. You need your rainmakers making rain. The more time your content person is spending on Google Analytics, the less time that person is spending actually creating content. You want your content person to understand the right accountability metrics for content as their expertise, not to be the ones retrieving the metrics and putting together reports. The Marketing Operations Manager becomes a metrics-based “coach” for your entire marketing team.

Ep35 – How To Find Product-Market Fit for Your SaaS Company With Will Dinkel, CEO Of Nova.ai

On Episode 35 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv Narayanan talks to Will Dinkel (CEO of Nova.ai) on how to find product-market fit for your SaaS company, Will’s journey through YCombinator and all the struggles involved in the early stages of a startup.

Ep34 – Nicholas Kusmich on how to leverage Facebook ads for SaaS companies

On Episode 34 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv Narayanan interviews Nicholas Kusmich (www.nicholaskusmich.com) — the go-to expert on Facebook ads. Nicholas has worked with all kinds of industry leaders, including Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Joe Polish, and many SaaS companies, including SamCart, Zapable and more.

Shiv and Nicholas discuss all the ways in which SaaS companies could leverage Facebook ads as a new channel of acquisition. A lot of SaaS companies are leaving money on the table by ignoring low-hanging fruit on Facebook. Topics we touch on include:

  • Should SaaS companies be using Facebook ads before Google, Bing, Capterra are optimized
  • Where to start with Facebook ads
  • What kinds of campaigns and funnels work on Facebook and what kinds usually fail
  • Who to show ads for your SaaS product to and how to find them within the targeting on Facebook
  • Keeping unit economics in check when it comes to CAC, ACV and Payback Period

Check out Nick’s latest book: Give – The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Advertising To Generate More Leads, More Clients and Massive ROI. You can get the book here: http://www.givebook.info

Ep33 – Neil Patel On Why Content Marketing Is Not For Every SaaS Company

On Episode 33 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv Narayanan interviews Neil Patel, the guru of content marketing. The interview starts with a discussion on how SaaS companies can leverage content as a source of traffic and leads but quickly transitions to Neil’s take on whether or not all SaaS companies should be doing content marketing, especially in the early days or if funding is limited, where other channels can likely produce a more immediate return.

Ep32 – How To Generate 8K Leads per Month with 8 Simple Rules Of A/B Testing ft. Lars Lofgren

On episode 32 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv Narayanan interviews Lars Lofgren, Head of Growth at I Will Teach You To Be Rich and former Head of Marketing at Kissmetrics. Lars has had the unique opportunity of working with 3 marketing all stars in Hiten Shah, Neil Patel and now Ramit Sethi, so he has a ton of experience and mentorship to pull from. Shiv and Lars discuss:

  • How Lars was able to generate 8000 leads per month at Kissmetrics
  • How to generate millions of visitors to your blog
  • Lars’ 8 simple rules of A/B testing that you and your marketing team HAVE to listen to

Listen to the episode now:

Ep31 – How To Use Your Brand To Say “No” To Good Opportunities With Laura Roeder, CEO Of Meet Edgar

On Episode 31 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv Narayanan interviews Laura Roeder, Founder and CEO of Meet Edgar, on how to use your brand to say “No” to good opportunities to uncover the story behind the critical decisions that helped grow Edgar to $4MM in ARR in just 3 years.

Ep30 – How to manipulate the media and build a PR machine like Donald Trump with Tucker Max

On Episode 30 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv Narayanan interviews bestselling author Tucker Max on how to manipulate the media and build a PR machine like Donald Trump.

Ep29 – How To Deploy And Measure Radio Ads For Your SaaS Company

On Episode 29 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv Narayanan interviews Mitch Solway, the former VP of Marketing at Freshbooks, on how to deploy and measure radio ads as an avenue for acquiring customers.

Ep28 – How To Build A Sales Machine With Steven Silberbach, SVP Global Sales At Clio

On episode 28 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv Narayanan interviews Steven Silberbach, SVP Global Sales at Clio, on how they’ve been able to grow to $30MM in ARR by building a robust sales machine.

**NOTE: This episode has been temporarily taken down to make some edits to the audio. It will be back up soon :). In the meantime, listen to one of our other amazing interviews with Jon Miller, founder of Engagio and former CMO of Marketo, on How To Plan, Deploy and Measure an Account-Based Everything Strategy.

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