How to build and grow your professional and personal network

People often ask me about my networking strategy, how I'm able to get the kinds of guests I land for the How To SaaS podcast, companies to advise/consult etc.

My answer is always a long form of saying good networking is actually always about seeking to add value to others (which sounds like a backwards and obvious strategy all at the same time).

Here are my 5 pillars:

  1. Understand people's biggest challenges, struggles and opportunities
  2. Have absolute clarity and self-awareness of areas where and how you can be of service
  3. Be of service whenever possible to help them solve those problems
  4. Give, give, give, without any expectation of receiving anything back
  5. Connect amazing people in your network with each other so that they can find ways to add value to each other's lives without you
Just do these things and your network will magically grow. Oh and the universe will also somehow magically conspire to find ways to bring value back to you for all your effort anyway :).

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