How to leverage videos in your content strategy

Video Strategy

Video, video and more video. Every platform we are on is being taken over by video. And every content team should be thinking about and implementing video strategy a video strategy because this is also the reality of your customers. Here are all the ways video can help:

  1. Video SEO — same keywords on Google rank on YouTube. And those videos often show above normal page results on Google.
  2. Webinars — critical at all stages of the buyer journey.
  3. Social Ads — Social ads (e.g. retargeting) are far more likely to be engaged with if it includes a video...and it’s way cheaper
  4. Lead nurturing — Don’t just use blog posts and whitepapers. Video is far more likely to be consumed till the end.
  5. Social Media engagement — in groups and communities + any posts you are regularly making to promote blog posts etc.
  6. Website A/B testing — probably the best opportunity to increase conversion rates
  7. Product marketing — any new features release, product changes etc.
  8. Product onboarding — teach new users to use the system contextually
  9. Help site content — easier to follow than a long form articles
  10. Sales outreach — to connect and build trust with prospects

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