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Learn from the best leaders in SaaS

Shiv Narayanan interviews best-in-class SaaS executives on each episode of How To SaaS as they exchange stories, mistakes, lessons and ideas to help you grow your SaaS company.

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Featuring guests from companies like:

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29: How to grow through acquisitions, focus and culture

On episode 29 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv interviews Dave Gray, the former CEO of Daxko and current CEO of the Biso Collective. Dave and Shiv discuss how Daxko deployed a growth by acquisitions strategy to scale its business and the importance of focus in growing companies. 


28: How to build a platform SaaS company

On Episode 28, Eric Thurston (CEO of Personify) and Shiv discuss how to build a platform SaaS company, including the strategy, process, challenges, learnings and personal growth that come along with it. Eric is the CEO of the company that eventually acquired Wild Apricot.


27: How to avoid the biggest pitfalls of being a SaaS founder

Rand Fishkin (Founder of Moz and SparkToro) and Shiv discuss how to avoid the biggest pitfalls of being a SaaS founder, Rand's journey with Moz, his book "Lost and Founder" and the 5 things he is doing differently as a second time founder.


26: How to price your SaaS product

Patrick Campbell (CEO of ProfitWell) and Shiv discuss how SaaS companies can strategically think about their pricing, including the hot button topic of pricing increases.


25: How to build a sales machine for your SaaS company

Steven Silberbach (SVP of Global Sales at Clio) and Shiv discuss how SaaS companies can build a sales engine that generates predictable revenue growth.


24: How to build an Intent Engine to generate more leads for your SaaS company

Dev Basu (CEO of Powered by Search) and Shiv discuss how SaaS companies can build an Intent Engine to attract, engage and convert prospects into paying users.


23: How to use PQLs to close more opportunities

Elle Morgan (VP of Marketing at Woopra) and Shiv discuss how to use Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) to close more opportunities.


22: How to expand internationally

Bryce Youngren, Managing Partner at Polaris Partners, and Shiv discuss 5 approaches SaaS companies can use to expand internationally.


21: How SaaS acquisitions work (Wild Apricot's acquisition by Personify)

Shiv gives a behind the scenes look of the Wild Apricot acquisition by Personify for the audience and talks about all the stages involved in the process.


20: How to build a product-led Go-To-Market strategy

Paul Teshima, CEO of, and Shiv discuss how to build a product-led go-to-market strategy to ensure you find product-market fit.


19: The 5 critical factors of PE investing in SaaS companies

Zane Tarence, Managing Director of Founders Investment Banking, and Shiv discuss the 5 critical factors private equity investors analyze when investing in SaaS companies.


18: How to find product-market fit for your SaaS company

Will Dinkel (CEO of and Shiv discuss how to find product-market fit for your SaaS company.


17: How to leverage Facebook Ads for SaaS companies

Nicholas Kusmich, the go-to expert on Facebook ads, and Shiv discuss all the ways SaaS companies could leverage Facebook ads as a new channel of acquisition.


16: Why Content Marketing is not for every SaaS company

Neil Patel and Shiv disucss whether or not all SaaS companies should be doing content marketing, especially in the early days or if funding is limited, where other channels can likely produce a more immediate return.


15: How to generate 8K leads per month with 8 simple rules of A/B testing

Lars Lofgren (Head of Growth at I Will Teach You To Be Rich and former Head of Marketing at Kissmetrics) and Shiv discuss how to generate leads by constantly A/B testing all of your marketing assets.


14: How to use your brand to say "No" to good opportunities

Laura Roeder, Founder and CEO of Meet Edgar, and Shiv discuss the critical decisions that helped grow Edgar to $4MM in ARR in just 3 years


13: How to manipulate the media and build a PR machine like Donald Trump

Tucker Max, founder of Scribe and bestselling author, and Shiv discuss how SaaS companies can generate more awareness and buzz through coordinated PR campaigns.


12: How to deploy and measure radio ads for your SaaS company

Mitch Solway, former VP of Marketing at Freshbooks, and Shiv discuss how SaaS companies can leverage radio ads to generate more demand.


11: How to acquire a SaaS company and build synergies with your existing business

Adam Fried, CEO of Simply Color Lab and ShootQ, and Shiv discuss how to layer a retail business and a SaaS company on top of each other to create synergies and generate additional streams of revenue.


10: How to plan, deploy and measure an Account Based Marketing strategy

Jon Miller (Founder and CEO of Engagio and the former CMO of Marketo) and Shiv discuss what an effective Account Based Marketing strategy looks like in practice.


9: How to use Advocate Marketing as a Land-and-Expand strategy

Heather Foeh, VP of Customer Marketing at Vision Critical, and Shiv discuss how to leveragee existing clients as advocates to land future clients within the same company.


8: How to run your blog like a product manager

Heather McCloskey, Director of Marketing at Uservoice, and Shiv discuss how to figure out what content your customers and users want read about and then prioritizing those items into the content you create for your blog.


7: How to bootstrap a SaaS company using Content Marketing

Omar Zenhom, CEO of Webinar Ninja, and Shiv discuss how to leverage content marketing to build an audience that can be leveraged to reduce your Customer Acquisition Cost in the early stages of building a SaaS company.


6: How to create better content experiences to generate more leads from Content Marketing

Hana Abaza, VP of Marketing at Uberflip, and Shiv discuss how Uberflip is pioneering the Content Experience conversation and how their webinar strategy is helping them distribute the message to the market.


5: How to create a multi-channel education strategy

Tim Paige, Head of Education at LeadPages, and Shiv discuss how LeadPages is using a multi-channel education strategy using webinars, podcast, courses and more to promote their software.


4: How to onboard users in the First 100 Days®

Joey Coleman, Founder of Design Symphony, and Shiv discuss how onboarding users well in the First 100 Days® of their journey can turn into increased retention and referrals.


3: How to hold an annual conference for your SaaS company

Jim Williams, VP of Marketing at Influitive, and Shiv discuss Influitive's strategy behind their Advocamp conference and how it is helping them create the category of Advocate Marketing.


2: How to write books to generate leads for your SaaS company

Donald Cowper, Head of Content at Freshbooks, and Shiv discuss why SaaS companies should publish books as a strategy to become the thought leader in the market they are trying to capture.


1: How to exhibit at conferences to generate more leads for your SaaS company

Ryan Anderson, Founder and CEO of Filevine, and Shiv discuss how to exhibit at conferences to create partnerships and generate leads for your SaaS company.


0: Introduction to How To SaaS

Shiv Narayanan, Founder and CEO of How To SaaS, shares his history of building Wild Apricot to $20M in ARR without a sales team and his vision for the podcast and How To SaaS as a company.


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