PQL Tracking Spreadsheet Template

Keep on top of how your demand generation activities are performing by tracking your Product Qualified Lead conversion rates.

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What's inside

Compare month-by-month PQL data

Show how the number of product qualified leads tracks to your marketing and sales activities.


Track conversion rates     

Monitor the conversions between trials, PQLs and closed-won to see where the funnel is leaking.    


Incorporate PQLs into your marketing metrics

Track PQLs alongside metrics like organic and paid traffic to show correlations and opportunities.


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Michael Libert

SVP, TA Associates

“We always pull in the How To SaaS team into our portfolio companies where demand gen is core to our investment thesis.”

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Bryce Youngren

Managing Partner, Polaris

“The How To SaaS team is my first call when my investments need help with digital marketing."

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