Marketing Due Diligence Checklist

How to evaluate the marketing performance, team, budget and efficiency of a target acquisition.

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What's inside

Essential marketing due diligence requests

Get a list of 85 metrics to evaluate the marketing potential of a target investment.

Easy tracking for your due diligence progress

Streamline communications with a simple system to track which elements are outstanding, and a single source to view all key metrics.

Marketing scorecard for an instant health check

Use the scorecard template and example to sum up marketing performance and give an instant overview of the growth potential.

Learn how to put the checklist into action for your next acquisition with this step-by-step guide.

Get custom marketing due diligence before your next acquisition

Do you have a target investment? Our marketing due diligence process highlights the biggest growth opportunities within 2 weeks.

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Private Equity Firms we've worked with

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Michael Libert

SVP, TA Associates

“We always pull in the How To SaaS team into our portfolio companies where demand gen is core to our investment thesis.”

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Bryce Youngren

Managing Partner, Polaris

“The How To SaaS team is my first call when my investments need help with digital marketing."

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