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Our Value Creation Framework

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Demand Generation

  • Analyze existing channels and programs to understand impact on revenue.
  • Evaluate the potential to scale demand generation across all channels.
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People & Org Structure

  • Evaluate current marketing team, skill gaps and resource needs.
  • Identify ideal marketing team structure and hiring roadmap to get there.
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Technology Stack

  • Analyze current marketing technology stack, costs and capabilities. 
  • Recommend cost-efficient marketing stack required to scale faster.
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Integration & Inefficiencies

  • Understand overall marketing operational structure across multiple business units. 
  • Build a plan to integrate marketing organizations and capture efficiencies.
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Marketing Budget 

  • Evaluate existing marketing budget, and establish if company is over- or under-resourced.
  • Recommend marketing budget required to hit sales projections in investment thesis. 

Insights We Offer

Acquisition Funnel Analysis

Deep-dive analysis of the full marketing funnel from website visitors to Closed-Won, through every stageMQL, SAL, PQL, SAL.

Acquisition funnel analysis
ROI breakdown

ROI Breakdown by Channels

Identification of channels that are clear winners and need more budget to scale, based on the impact on revenue and performance against Acceptable Cost / MQL.

Scalability Potential of Paid Media

Insights on paid media campaigns with the highest pipeline ROI. Profitably drive demand using historical data, and reallocate spend from inefficient campaigns.

Scalability potential of paid media
Integration and efficiencies

Integration & Efficiencies

Identification of key areas for efficiency to scale marketing performance while reducing and optimizing spend.

Team Structure Recommendations

Analysis of current team structure efficiency, and identification of core roles you need to fill to scale marketing.

Team structure recommendations
Marketing budget adjustment

Marketing Budget Adjustment

Understanding of the marketing budget you need to hit booking targets, the timeline and detail of investment adjustments across all marketing channels and activities.

Ideal Private Equity Partners

Marketing is core to investment thesis

Drive growth for acquisitions where Marketing is critical to the value creation plan and growing top-line revenue.

Recent portfolio M&A transaction

Hit the ground running with marketing and demand generation in the first 100 days of a transaction. 

In need of Marketing Operations partner

Get marketing expertise to support portfolio companies if you lack the right marketing skillset in-house—especially on digital channels.

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Shiv Narayanan

CEO & Founder


Farhad Chikhliwala

VP of Growth

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Taylor Moore 

VP of Brand & Communications


Michael Libert

Michael Libert

SVP, TA Associates

“We always pull in the How To SaaS team into our portfolio companies where demand gen is core to our investment thesis.” 

Bryce Youngren

Bryce Youngren

Managing Partner, Polaris

The How To SaaS team is my first call when my investments need help with digital marketing."

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