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3 Plays to Use Paid Social to Drive Awareness

It's not Paid vs. Content. It's Paid + Content.

Paid Media without content hits diminishing returns. Content without Paid caps out its distribution even after finding an audience.

Paid + Content finds infinite scale through increased distribution.

Examples of plays on paid social that companies should be running today:

1) Promoting an ungated educational piece of content to drive awareness / traffic from ICPs on paid social platforms.

2) Doing paid social "PR" where you promote new product releases, partnerships, capabilities the way you would use a wire service but instead use paid social as your distribution platform.

3) Nurture campaigns on paid social where prospects in MCL / MQL / SAL / SQL stages see content in the form of promoted content or ads on Facebook and LinkedIn instead of just email nurture programs.

These kinds of campaigns have poor ROI / CAC when looked at through the lens of traditional marketing metrics. But they're the new way to do marketing and inevitably will lead to more pipeline in the long run.


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