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“Shiv is the best marketing strategist I have met. This book is a MUST READ for any private equity investor wanting to accelerate growth in a B2B technology business.”

Bryce Youngren

Managing Partner at Polaris Partners
“Every CEO of a PE-backed company should read Post-Acquisition Marketing. Shiv opened my eyes to the power of re-thinking Marketing alignment and accountability. We followed the roadmap laid out in this book to turn Marketing into a force-multiplier for revenue growth. The results are undeniable.”

Bill Hayes

CEO at Top of Mind

Post-Acquisition Marketing

How to create enterprise value in the first 100 days

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Key Takeaways from Post-Acquisition Marketing

  1. How to prioritize marketing work that helps you source, nurture, and close more pipeline to hit sales targets.
  2. How marketing can support your investment thesis, create enterprise value, and meet ambitious growth projections.
  3. The data and accountability framework you need to build a predictable revenue engine so you can invest more dollars with confidence.
  4. How to calculate the marketing budget you actually need and illustrate the ROI to get board approval.
  5. How to get your marketing data in order, including the new core metrics to judge Marketing success, showing what to scale and by how much.
  6. The eight functions each marketing department needs and the four stages of scaling marketing organizations, plus how to identify gaps in your team.
  7. How to stop investing in unprofitable channels, identify demand gen gaps, and scale the right mix of channels with positive ROI.
  8. How to create a new era of alignment and teamwork between Marketing and Sales.
  9. How to build a roadmap to prioritize content projects that convert more leads to revenue.
  10. How to integrate marketing teams after acquisitions and account for multiple product lines.
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Praise for Post-Acquisition Marketing

“As the Founder and CEO of a PE-backed company, I’m all too familiar with the lofty expectations that come with an acquisition. Shiv and the How To SaaS team used the framework outlined in this book to transform our company’s Go-To-Market strategy and turned marketing into a consistent, predictable revenue driver.”

“Yes! Finally a celebration of smart marketing investment – the moves that help you win deals instead of just raising awareness. This book is a rallying cry to ensure marketers are equipped to embrace big growth targets, not shy away from them, by looking at the numbers and making smart business decisions.”

“In Post-Acquisition Marketing, Shiv distills complex concepts into easy-to-follow, repeatable frameworks that can guide companies of any size to increase enterprise value. Having worked through this process with him first hand, I can say that it works!”

“I’ve seen the power of Shiv’s framework first-hand inside two PE-backed software companies where moving with speed using a data-driven revenue generation model was critical. Post-Acquisition Marketing is a how-to guide for B2B executives looking to understand the “why” behind how to scale marketing.”

“At the intersection of M&A and organic growth is where substantive value is created...or consequently squandered. Post-Acquisition Marketing is a must read for all who want to maximize value creation for their portfolio investments.”

“Shiv understands how tech PE and VC investors think – we want to hit the ground running with a plan to drive top-line growth. Post-Acquisition Marketing gives investors a clear framework to successfully scale demand generation to generate investment returns.”

“Shiv gets it. There’s often a gap between marketing, sales, finance, and the board that leads to an underleveraged and misunderstood marketing function. Full of relatable stories, this book lays the path to bridging that gap and driving marketing-accelerated performance.”

“Post-Acquisition Marketing gives the next generation of leaders a clear roadmap for creating inflection points in their businesses by leveraging data-driven marketing and focusing on metrics that matter.”

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About Shiv Narayanan

Shiv is the Founder and CEO of How To SaaS. As an advisor, consultant, and fractional CMO, Shiv has helped Private Equity investors and CEOs generate hundreds of millions of dollars in enterprise value with marketing and demand gen. Prior to How To SaaS, Shiv was the CMO of Wild Apricot, which was acquired by Personify and Rubicon Technology Partners in October 2017 and eventually flipped to Pamlico Capital in August 2018.