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How Top of Mind Unlocked the Value of Marketing Data With Help from How To SaaS

“Our organization hadn't really spent a lot of focus, time, energy, or money on marketing ourselves,” explains Nick Belenky, EVP Sales at Top of Mind Networks. As the leading mortgage CRM, the team knew this was an ironic situation to be in. Top of Mind had been so focused on giving a great product experience and helping customers market their businesses that they weren’t maximizing the marketing opportunities for their own solution.  

This isn’t an unusual position for SaaS companies to find themselves in. Often, this focus on marketing to existing customers and supporting Product and Customer Success takes priority, while the potential for Marketing-led growth takes a back seat. However, as Top of Mind was discovering, the buying process is changing and moving more online. To keep up with competitors and acquire new customers, you need to be investing time and money into Marketing.

This is where Top of Mind found themselves at the end of 2019....


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