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We're Hiring: Senior Paid Media Strategist

How To SaaS is looking for a senior paid media strategist to lead, build and scale the paid media agency wing of our firm.

This role is:

  • Full-time
  • Remote


How To SaaS is a management consulting firm focused on helping SaaS companies thrive through marketing and demand generation. We’re growing quickly and are building a team to keep up with the demand for our solutions, along with all the other needs of the business.


More about us:

  • We partner with the world’s leading Private Equity investors and work with their portfolio SaaS companies where scaling marketing and demand generation is core to the investment thesis.
  • We partner with SaaS CEOs who need C-level expertise to lead the internal process to build a scientific approach around marketing and demand generation.
  • We partner with CROs and CMOs to lead initiatives with their team members to bring board-level planning, budgeting and forecasting into operations.


You will join a growing team of some...


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