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AAARE Understanding

End to end understanding of all the levers and conversion points is how you build the right growth model for your business.

1) Acquisition -- building the right model to generate the right demand at profitable CAC levels.

2) Activation -- building the right framework to get the right prospects to activate and onboard on your platform.

3) Adoption -- building the right infrastructure to have your customers embed your solution into their environment, while getting all stakeholders involved.

4) Retention -- driving towards customer success with everything you do (marketing, sales, product, UX)

5) Expansion -- identifying opportunities to grow your relationship with customers with increased usage or additional products, services, and offerings.

The more you understand these levers and pull them effectively, the more budget you can invest into acquiring customers in the first place.

The more you can profitably spend to acquire a customer, the faster you grow.

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