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Always be Helping

Always helping your prospect get closer to their stated and unstated goals has to be the simplest, most effective sales advice.

It means adopting principles like:

  1. Make it about them, not you
  2. Act as a their fiduciary in their best interests, even if it doesn't help you
  3. Give them free content and advice to get them closer to their goals, even if they don't buy from you
  4. Generating awareness around how customers with the pain point can alleviate that pain.

All three of these involve having Marketing play a major role. Marketing needs to:

  • Position the customers as the hero and showcase how the solutions helps them on their hero's journey.
  • Clearly articulate who the solution is best suited for, and who it is not a fit for so that the organization knows who not to sell to.
  • Build content that helps customers and prospects self-serve their way to a solution and establishes authority and trust within a market.
  • Distribute and disseminate the message so that more people with the pain can reach a resolution.

Marketing functions that understand this are best positioned to help drive sales effectively.

Organizations that understand this is marketing's role continue to fund marketing's efforts as a sales necessity, not as a cost center.

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