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Authority Content

Most companies focus on creating content for the funnel. This includes:

  1. Awareness content to bring in more leads
  2. Nurture content to turn more leads into MQLs or MQLs into SQLs.
  3. Sales enablement content to close more MQLs

Very few companies focus on Authority content -- this is content that transcends the sales funnel. It has no interest in selling anything.

Its primary purpose is to serve the audience and market by giving them solutions to pain they are experiencing.

Authority content is not a "10 ways to do X" article. It is not a "Buyers guide for Y".

It is true thought leadership content that builds a connection with the audience because they can see how much you understand them.

Types of content that create this effect:

  • Podcasts
  • Educational videos
  • Books
  • Speaking

It's the hardest kind of content to create because the barrier to entry is deep expertise and empathy.

The companies that succeed at creating this content end up greasing all stages of the funnel anyways because it grows the brand.

And buyers gravitate towards brands that understand them.

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