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Consistent Audience Building

Building an audience takes time. This is the 100th drawing of SaaS Marketing Simplified. Here are the biggest lessons from the journey so far:

  1. Have something valuable to say -- Don't just spew more bad content into the universe.
  2. Have a unique voice -- Say it in a way that only you can say it.
  3. Always seek to add value -- Make it about the audience, never about yourself.
  4. Produce evergreen content -- Create content that can create enterprise value long-term. Otherwise, you'll be creating topical content forever.
  5. Create content that creates leverage -- We use this same content for paid advertising to our ideal customer profiles.
  6. Build your own list with unique value -- The SaaS Marketing Simplified newsletter has over 50% open rates on email number 70.
  7. Nurture with education -- Consistent content will help your sales pipeline will grow because you have pre-built trust.
  8. Don't take shortcuts -- I've rejected multiple offers to join "engagement" groups etc. to boost the engagement on my posts.
  9. Build a relationship with your audience -- Get to know the people actively supporting your content. A community is even better.
  10. Scale up content as the audience grows -- How To SaaS is working on a book, podcast and course (all coming soon).

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