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Correlation vs. Attribution

The problem with marketing is that some channels are easy to attribute through to revenue, while others are not.

This is why "correlation" is, in many cases, more important than "attribution".

Understanding this concept takes understanding how buyers are really behaving.

If you think your buyers are making decisions only by searching on Google, a lot of marketing activity will seem irrelevant. This is why attribution tools don't tell the story well for non-linear channels.

It's easy to talk about if a lead from Google Ads became an opportunity. It's hard to talk about the value of a Facebook video view or a Podcast download or a YouTube channel.

This is why Correlation is more important than attribution, especially for activities related to content.

The entire environment you create for buyers across all marketing activities is what impacts conversions. If you pull one thread, you may end up impacting revenue on the other end.

You just won't be able to directly attribute it.

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