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Demand Gen Efficiency vs Sales Call

The first sales call can make or break your demand gen efforts.

That's why marketers need to pay attention to how good the sales process is.

  • Did the prospect get called in 10 minutes? 10 hours? 10 days?
  • Did the call break the experience of the buyer in any way?
  • How was the quality of the interaction?
  • Was the sales rep adequately prepared to handle the call?

Good marketers do this work and extend their efforts to fine tune conversions beyond what happens on a webpage.

This means doing things like:

  1. Listening to sales call recordings
  2. Being a part of how sales reps are trained (making sure they are onboarded correctly)
  3. Communicating the importance of logging sales call info into the CRM to sales reps so you can make your campaigns better
  4. Changing broken processes to improve the experience (e.g. why is the prospect called by an SDR who is not allowed to answer basic questions?)

It requires a paradigm shift and putting an end to the marketing vs. sales battle. Marketing is Sales. Sales is Marketing.

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