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Immature vs Mature Growth Org

Immature organizations view growth as a Sales-only problem. These are the organizations where:

  • VPs of Sales get fired constantly
  • SKOs put all the pressure of growth on sales reps
  • Marketing and Product have no revenue accountability

Mature organizations, by contrast, view growth as a holistic problem, owned by everyone in the organization. To scale, they ask themselves questions like:

  1. What value does our product need to provide to the customer so that we can increase conversions to Closed Won?
  2. How much budget does Marketing need to drive the pipeline required to ensure Sales is successful?
  3. What kind of Onboarding and Retention programs are necessary to increase LTV and lower attrition?
  4. What is the optimal pricing strategy to maximize expansion revenue and net retention?

Immature organizations miss all these growth avenues because their conversations are one-dimensionally focused on sales just working harder.

What these organizations don't realize is that putting less pressure on sales and building a shared accountability structure for revenue growth increases the odds of actually closing more deals.

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