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Mental Health vs Productivity

Rethinking meetings for mental health and productivity is more important now than ever before. Here are 12 principles worth following:

  1. Don’t use the full scheduled window
  2. Gamify / add rewards for ending meetings earlier
  3. Don’t attend meetings you don’t need to be present for
  4. Don’t invite everyone possible to a meeting
  5. Add a 5-10 minute buffer minimum between meetings
  6. 7 to 10 minute meetings are often all that’s needed
  7. Longer meetings don’t equal increased value
  8. Sometimes the best meeting is no meeting
  9. Use asynchronous communication (Loom, Slack) instead of meetings
  10. Cancel / push unnecessary meetings every morning
  11. Change frequency of recurring meetings. They don't need to be as frequent as you think.
  12. Try to purposely take a day / afternoon / morning off meetings

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