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NPS Promoters

Identifying who loves your product is critical to where you invest your marketing dollars. What good is a Closed Won deal if the type of customer you bring in hates using your solution or churns in 120 days?

This is why marketers need to make a conscious effort to be connect to their product teams.

1) Understand who ends up being an NPS promoter for what you sell
2) Understand their characteristics? Are there underlying themes like in industry, vertical, role, region, size, pricing plan etc.?
3) Refine your TAM -- maybe some identified markets are not ideal for your solution after all
4) Go back to your marketing efforts and adjust to focus on the best fit customers
5) Repeat

This is how marketing shifts from a one-size-fits-all approach that is trying to please everyone to being focused on the people who we know we can serve and serve well.

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