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Pipeline Growth Over Time

Most marketing campaigns stop getting funding well before their true pipeline value is understood.


Because marketing leaders are constantly being asked for an immediate return on their efforts.

Unrealistic pipeline growth expectations from CEOs and boards lead to the exact opposite result of what they are hoping to achieve.

Pipeline growth takes time. You need to:

  • Develop marketing assets
  • Build ongoing processes to scale
  • Get the right people to execute on the plan

Meanwhile, the potential of channels and campaigns are judged on their first iteration. This is why you hear things like:

"Facebook Ads don't work for us"
"This is a relationship based business so we have to go to events"
"Why would I give more money to marketing when I can hire 2 more sales reps?"

Similar to how sales reps become more valuable after full ramp up + training + pipeline building, marketing becomes more valuable after experimentation + better distribution + better messaging.

Not only is giving Marketing less than a quarter or two to prove out its full value setting the function up for's also setting up the business to fail to meet its bookings projections long term.

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