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Reallocating Trade Show Budget

In a lot of companies, getting off the hamster wheel of trade shows is virtually impossible.

So much so that even when trade shows have stopped, the trade show budget has been reallocated to the virtual versions of the same trade shows, which are far less valuable (no relationship building or in-person contact).

Meanwhile, digital marketing budgets don't have nearly as much allocation as required by the market. Paid media is underfunded, content is underfunded, social is underfunded.

Instead, it's time to rethink marketing budget allocation altogether. For example, if you analyze the trade shows you went to in 2019 through to Closed Won impact, you'll find that 20% of the shows brought 80% of the revenue.

Those same companies are ignoring digital channels that can bring in better qualified leads at much higher conversion rates. That is money that has been left on the table for years.

It's time to reallocate that budget with the right digital strategy on the digital channels where your customers have always been.

And now you have a good excuse to do it.

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