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SDR Demos

Somewhere along their journey, companies decide to treat buyers like mice in a maze. Want a Demo? Sure, you just have to:

  1. Fill out a form
  2. Schedule a call with an SDR
  3. Wait
  4. Talk to the SDR -- who won't give you a demo but will ask you all their BANT criteria questions and then book a call for you with an AE
  5. Wait
  6. Talk to an AE -- or just go jump off a cliff
  7. Before you know it, 2-3 weeks have passed and the buyer has lost their urgency / has found someone else who has engaged them on solving their problem faster.

This type of workflow also kills demand gen programs that take a lot of effort to get the right prospect in the door, only to have the buyer end up in the Closed Lost column due to a bad sales process.

Start with the buyer. Remove the hard lines between SDRs and AEs.

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