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Scaling Growth Without Process

Scaling growth is a lot like stacking boxes on top of each other. You can safely stack the first few boxes on top of each other as you grow faster.

Over time, however, the entire structure is at risk of collapsing if you don't:

  1. Put the right processes in place
  2. Put the right people in the right seats
  3. Build the right infrastructure to scale faster

Growing faster is the sexy thing to focus on. It's what companies are taught to show off about. YoY growth rates, more funding, more hiring etc.

Not every company needs to "blitzscale", nor can every company do it. This is why you see a lot of companies go on hiring sprees and then eventually needing to lay off people as time goes on.

People lose when companies scale unsustainably. Employees lose. Founders lose. Investors lose. Customers lose.

Growing sustainably over a long period of time, while building the right foundation, is a much better business strategy.

It's also how everyone wins.

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