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Super Communities


Every industry has a super community -- a tightly knit group of key influencers, decision makers and authority figures.

Getting into these super communities means drastically different growth rates for companies than if you're outside of them. E.g. think about being the Sales coach SalesLoft recommends to all of its clients

But getting into a super community is incredibly challenging. You need to be part of the community to get into the community. Ways in which this can be accomplished:

1) Becoming a super connector: someone who solves problems for the community by connecting the right people in the community with each other.

2) Becoming a specialist problem solver: someone who helps members of the community with a key problem so that the rest of the community knows who to call on for that special problem.

3) Becoming a content creator: someone who brings together insights and learnings for the community to benefit from altogether.

4) Being an unbiased third party: someone the community can rely on to audit difficult scenarios and produce recommendations.

5) Being a value creator: someone who helps the community grow and prosper as a whole.

It's not easy. But if you can figure it out your company grows a lot faster.


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