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Types of Reps

One of the most common ways companies ruin customers' experiences is by categorizing reps and limiting their ability to handle certain questions / inquiries.

  • Want a demo? SDRs can't help you. Talk to the AE.
  • Want to be onboarded? AEs can't help you. Talk to the CS team.
  • Want support? Sales Engineers can't help you. Talk to the support team.
  • Want to buy another product? Support reps can't help you. Talk to the farmers.

To your customer, one rep is an entry point to everything your company has to offer.

Each time an internal "gate" is created based on job title, the customer has to jump through a hoop to get to where they want to go.

Empowering reps to deliver better experiences by addressing more inquiries at the first point of contact instead can create much better outcomes.

First call resolution should be a sales metric just as much as it is a support metric.

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