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Marketing Accountability Metrics

Too many marketers spend time defending Marketing efforts and their impact on the business when asked about their contribution.

This is where conversations shift to:

- How many badges were scanned at a conference

- How many registrations and attendees a webinar has

- How many contacts were uploaded and contacted via cold outreach

- How many views and impressions the blog / videos / other content had

- How much pipeline was influenced that the sales team ultimately closed

Discussing the above overlooks an important truth: none of it matters if there is no revenue to show for it.

This is why mature marketers focus their efforts on being revenue accountable. They talk about:

  1. Marketing-Sourced Pipeline
  2. Closed Won Revenue
  3. ROI
  4. CAC
  5. Payback Period

These are scary metrics to hold yourself accountable to, but doing so shows maturity, experience and capability.

It also builds incredible amounts of trust with your CEO and board because you are aligned with them on expectations.

That's how you get more room to operate as a Marketing leader and make a much bigger impact.

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