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Are You Using Your Gold Mine of Closed Won and Lost Data?

There is a gold mine of information for Demand Gen inside Closed Won and Closed Lost data.

Closed Won:
-What are the verticals we are winning deals with?
-What are the average deal sizes with our different segments / markets / verticals?
-How long was the sales cycle and what touches were involved?

Closed Lost:
-Were we too expensive for the right type of customer or the wrong type of customer?
-Did they go with a competitor? Which one and why?
-Was the timing off or was our pitch not right for the stage they were at?

The answers to all of these questions need to be fed back into the demand gen engine to refine and improve programs so that better pipeline can be generated.

The key word there is: *better* pipeline.

Better pipeline closes more often and doesn't churn as quickly. It has lower acquisition costs and is more efficient.

It's also how Marketing helps the business grow faster.

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