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Attribution vs. Value

Just because a channel is easier to track does not mean it is the more valuable channel.

A lot of companies over-index on channels like Paid Media simply because it is a lot easier to connect investment to ROI.

Meanwhile, channels that are equally valuable such as content do not get as much investment because the attribution is at times unclear.

This is the same reason why some companies ignore more traditional channels (tv, radio etc.), channels that don't have clean attribution (e.g. podcast advertising, influencers) or building a brand through thought leadership (books, podcasts, YouTube).

A lot of this pressure to track is driven by management, who want clean reports on all marketing activities.

The answer is to educate internally on the value of creating a blended model of channels that are easier to track and ones that aren't so that you're building the best marketing engine.

If you become obsessed with the reporting aspect of marketing, you'll eventually be limited to paid search and paid social as your only channels.

Don't over-index on reporting.

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