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Connecting Marketing to Business Results

Copywriting is not as important as everyone will tell you.

Copy is not what separates good marketers from great ones. Things that are far more important:

1) Connecting marketing's efforts to the overall business strategy and results

2) Interfacing with other functions and roles (product, sales, customer success, engineering)

3) Being finance-literate (it would help a lot of marketers to look at an income statement and balance sheet or know what EBITDA means)

4) Understanding the strategic growth levers of the business and how marketing plugs into those levers.

A lot of people will try to "sell" you on the idea that copy is your biggest growth opportunity as a marketer. While it will help you get an entry level job, you will eventually hit a ceiling.

Understand the above 4 opportunities and your career has no limits as a marketer.

Don't miss the forest for the trees.

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