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Creation vs. Distribution

There's a school of thought that suggests that creating a high volume of content is the key to building an audience.

There is some truth to that but there is also a false bar being set.

Creating unlimited content is valuable if you are able to find unlimited distribution.

The way to do this is beyond just posting 10 times a day on LinkedIn or Instagram or YouTube, which will surely lead to burn out because you constantly have to create more content to stay relevant.

You're also hoping the algorithm will help you find more people who view your content --- hoping that those people are your ideal customers as well.

This kind of strategy is pumped by proponents of hustle culture. Post 10 times a day till someone notices you. Keep posting. Keep grinding. (Forget your mental health, don't spend time with family, over-index on content vs. other areas of the business like services or product etc.)

Instead, creating the right pieces of content and finding distribution at scale is the key.

There's a reason why platforms like LinkedIn sometimes sound like echo chambers of industries sharing the same platitudes...everyone is sharing content with the same audience.

Not enough people are distributing content to THEIR audience. This is where the magic happens.

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