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Customers Lead Content and Demand Gen

Marketers who over-index on SEO or Paid Search often (incorrectly) rely on “search volumes” and “keyword difficulty” as their guides on what to prioritize.

This leads to companies fighting for market share like a commodity, inevitably inflating CAC and Payback Period metrics.

Instead, starting with Differentiation as the goal changes how you Go-To-Market:

  1. You invest heavily into understanding market dynamics and customer pain points

  2. You build a strategic narrative to educate the market on how to resolve those pain points while separating yourself from the noise

  3. You create content to educate buyers on the strategic narrative at every stage of their journey

  4. You leverage demand generation channels and campaigns to scale distribution of the content to your ideal buyers

This approach focuses on the customers and the message, not search volumes or keyword difficulty. 

It brings down CAC and improves your Payback Period.

It also opens up infinite scale because you can take the message to any channel, not just those where search volumes are the focus.

Ironically, the approach also leads to far more uptake from the market and customers which helps improve SEO and Paid Search performance over time anyways.


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