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Alignment (or lack of it) is talked about a lot. The great thing about data is it can unify an organization objectively without politics, power dynamics or cultural biases of the company.

You have to start by making data a priority:
1) Capturing it from all entry points
2) Tracking and measuring all activities with KPIs
3) Establishing internal agreements on which metrics are core accountabilities of each department
4) Reporting on performance of each department based on those internal agreements
5) Adjusting spend, focus and strategies based on what the data tells you

It's not easy. It requires people, systems and tools to make it all work.

It's also the only way to build a data-centric organization.


To read more on how data can help you align teams internally, see our full article: CMO-CFO Alignment in Portfolio Companies: Why It Matters, and How To Achieve It.

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