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Delayed Marketing Investment

There is often a gap between when companies need to invest in Marketing and when they actually do it. This puts Sales projections at significant risk.

If you need a certain amount of Marketing support to hit your projections for the year, that investment needs to be made likely in the previous year so that buyers have enough time to make it through their sales cycle.

That means, if you start scaling up your marketing spend end of Q1 / mid-Q2, you're already quite likely to miss your targets.

This includes doing the following ahead of time:

1. Hiring people: A hire made in Q1 won't be fully ramped up to contribute till Q2 at the very least. An open job posting in Q1 is even further out from contribution.

2. Ramping up ad spend: More deals means more MQLs need to be produced, which likely means Ad Spend should have been ramped up a long time ago.

3. Scaling content production: More content to generate demand likely requires a content roadmap to be in place months before, with a team executing against that roadmap to have meaningful pipeline contribution.

All of the above means securing budget well ahead of a December board meeting or a January Sales Kickoff.

The sooner you get going, the higher your odds of success. Sooner is often a quarter ago for the ultimate goal of scaling Marketing efforts, which is to drive revenue.

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