Episode 10: How To Plan, Deploy and Measure an Account Based Everything Strategy With Jon Miller

“This is a quote from David Ogilvy: ‘Don’t count the people you reach. Instead, reach the people that count.'”
-Jon Miller, Founder & CEO of Engagio

Episode 10 of the How To SaaS podcast features Jon Miller, founder and CEO of Engagio, on how to plan, deploy and measure an Account-Based Everything strategy.

The interview is timely considering Jon was the former CMO of Marketo, which recently sold for $1.8 billion. We touch on that topic in the conversation before moving on to Account Based Everything.

In this episode, Jon and I cover the following:

  • Why Account Based Marketing as a term should be changed to Account Based Everything
  • What an Account Based Everything strategy and campaign looks like in practice
  • How the KPIs around Account Based Everything are completely different than the KPIs around companies that deploy a “fishing with a net” strategy

We cover lots more in the conversation. Here is my interview with Jon:


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