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Episode 15: How To Generate 8K Leads Per Month with 8 Simple Rules of A/B Testing ft. Lars Lofgren

On episode 15 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv Narayanan interviews Lars Lofgren, Head of Growth at I Will Teach You To Be Rich and former Head of Marketing at Kissmetrics. Lars has had the unique opportunity of working with 3 marketing all stars in Hiten Shah, Neil Patel and now Ramit Sethi, so he has a ton of experience and mentorship to pull from. Shiv and Lars discuss:

  • How Lars was able to generate 8000 leads per month at Kissmetrics
  • How to generate millions of visitors to your blog
  • Lars’ 8 simple rules of A/B testing that you and your marketing team HAVE to listen to

Listen to the episode now:

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