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Episode 17: Nicholas Kusmich on How to Leverage Facebook Ads for SaaS Companies

On Episode 17 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv Narayanan interviews Nicholas Kusmich ( — the go-to expert on Facebook ads. Nicholas has worked with all kinds of industry leaders, including Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Joe Polish, and many SaaS companies, including SamCart, Zapable and more.

Shiv and Nicholas discuss all the ways in which SaaS companies could leverage Facebook ads as a new channel of acquisition. A lot of SaaS companies are leaving money on the table by ignoring low-hanging fruit on Facebook. Topics we touch on include:

  • Should SaaS companies be using Facebook ads before Google, Bing, Capterra are optimized
  • Where to start with Facebook ads
  • What kinds of campaigns and funnels work on Facebook and what kinds usually fail
  • Who to show ads for your SaaS product to and how to find them within the targeting on Facebook
  • Keeping unit economics in check when it comes to CAC, ACV and Payback Period

Check out Nick’s latest book: Give – The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Advertising To Generate More Leads, More Clients and Massive ROI. You can get the book here:

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