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Episode 2: How To Write Books With Donald Cowper, Best-selling Author and Head of Content at ClearFit

“Books spread by word-of-mouth. People share books.”
-Donald Cowper, Head of Content at ClearFit

Episode 2 of the How To SaaS podcast features Donald Cowper (Head of Content at ClearFit) and we discuss why software companies should publish books as a strategy to become the thought leader in the market they are trying to capture.

Donald has already done this twice with some amazing results. The first with Breaking the Time Barrier at Freshbooks which he co-authored with Mike McDerment the CEO and has generated hundreds of thousands of downloads and leads for their software. He’s now at ClearFit as the Head of Content where he’s written the book What To Why with CEO Jamie Schneiderman.

In this episode you’ll learn about answers to the following questions:

  • Why publish books? What’s the strategy?
  • How does the content support the strategy?
  • How do you market and promote a book to achieve your objectives?
  • How to make the content shareable to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

We cover lots more as we get into the conversation. Here’s my interview with Donald:

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