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Episode 21: How SaaS acquisitions work (Wild Apricot's acquisition by Personify)

On Episode 21 of the How To SaaS podcast, I give a behind the scenes look of the Wild Apricot acquisition for the audience and talk about:

  1. Summary of Wild Apricot Acquisition (who we are, who we got acquired by, strategy behind the acquisition)
  2. How to build a business worth getting acquired (healthy unit economics, financials, team, business, future)
  3. What the acquisition process looks like from the inside (LOIs, discovery calls, pitches, financial due diligence, technical due diligence, legal etc.)
  4. What happens post acquisition (integration plans, growth strategy, culture, budgeting)
  5. Emotional side of acquisition from the perspective of (employees, customers, acquirers, myself as the CMO)

 Listen to the episode here:

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