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Episode 22: How to expand internationally with Bryce Youngren, Managing Partner at Polaris Partners

On Episode 22 of the How To SaaS podcast, Shiv interviews Bryce Youngren, Managing Partner at Polaris Partners, and they discuss how SaaS companies can expand internationally.

Polaris is a Venture Capital and Private Equity firm with ~$4 billion in assets under management in its 8th round and invests in all kinds of early and growth stage technology companies. Bryce, in particular, focuses on more mature and later stage SaaS and healthcare technology companies.

In the episode, Bryce and Shiv discuss 5 strategies he and his portfolio companies have used to expand internationally, which are:

  1. Channel Partners -- finding a partner who already has a local presence and establishing a partnership.
  2. Telesales -- taking the SDR to AE model and expanding it to other geographical markets.
  3. Freemium -- leveraging inbound and referrals as a way to enter more markets.
  4. Local Presence -- finding a way to have someone on the ground, either via hiring or by moving a key (and willing) employee to the location you want to expand to.
  5. Acquisitions -- buying your way into a market by acquiring a player who already has a foothold in the space.

Bryce gives lots of examples to bring each of these strategies to life in the conversation. Here is the episode:

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