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Episode 23: How to use Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) to close more opportunities with Elle Morgan, VP of Marketing at Woopra

On Episode 23, I interview Elle Morgan (VP of Marketing at Woopra) on how to use Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) to close more opportunities.

The conversation with Elle is especially relevant for transactional SaaS companies who use a freemium and/or free trial model and do not have access to large sales teams to talk to all prospects 1-on-1.

Elle and I discuss:

  • How customer journey data in SaaS companies is fragmented — marketing has access to some journey data in their tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Marketing Automation etc.), while product has access to others in their tools (e.g. Mixpanel)
  • Why it’s critical to connect the customer journey across all functions to see the true path to paid status for customers
  • How critical behaviours in product can often predict the value of a prospect far better than a lead capture form on a website (e.g. people often download whitepapers from a SaaS company’s blog without any interest in the software)
  • How transactional SaaS companies who use a freemium or free trial model can get their limited sales reps to focus on the highest quality leads.

Here is my interview with Elle:


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