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Episode 4: How To Onboard Users In The First 100 Days™ with Joey Coleman, Founder of Design Symphony

“Every interaction with your company creates a holistic impression with the customer…And most companies are structured in the wrong way to optimize the customer experience.”
-Joey Coleman, Founder of Design Symphony

Episode 4 of the How To SaaS podcast features Joey Coleman, Founder of Design Symphony, on onboarding users in the First 100 Days® of their journey and turning initial experience into an advantage to increase retention and referrals.

Some background on Joey — my interaction with his message began with his concept of the first 100 days and how companies lose up to 50% of their customers within that time period. We at Wild Apricot have taken Joey’s courses and seminars and have really invested into incorporating his ideas into our initial user onboarding.

We believe in it so much that we created a cross-functional onboarding unit in our company that transcends your traditional departments of marketing, sales, customer success, account management and support.

While listening to this episode with Joey, you’ll learn the following:

  • Why the First 100 Days® of a user’s journey are the most critical
  • Why companies need to restructure their departments to change the way the think about and approach user onboarding
  • How the wrong KPIs can drastically impact user experience
  • How to leverage experience as the foundation for increasing retention and referrals

We cover lots more as we get into the conversation. Here’s my interview with Joey.


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