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Episode 8: How To Run Your Blog Like a Product Manager With Heather McCloskey of Uservoice

“You have to adjust constantly.”
-Heather McCloskey, Inbound Marketing Manager at Uservoice

Episode 8 of the How To SaaS podcast with Shiv Narayanan features Heather McCloskey, Inbound Marketing Manager at Uservoice, and we discuss how to run your blog like a product manager.

We at Wild Apricot are clients of Uservoice’s powerful software and are using it to understand our users and prioritize our roadmap better. Given the application of their software, who better to talk about bringing product management to the realm of managing a blog?!

In this episode, you’ll learn the following:

  • Different avenues of user research you can use to learn more about your users
  • How to turn those insights into actionable items within your content roadmap
  • And how to measure the performance of your content, once deployed

Here’s my interview with Heather:

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