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Episode 9: How To Use Advocate Marketing as a Land-and-Expand Strategy With Heather Foeh of Vision Critical

“I want our customers to feel like they are our only customers.”
-Heather Foeh, VP of Customer Advocacy at Vision Critical

Episode 9 of the How To SaaS podcast with Shiv Narayanan features Heather Foeh, VP of Customer Advocacy at Vision Critical, on how to use Advocate Marketing as a land and expand strategy.

In this episode, Heather and I discuss how Vision Critical leverages existing clients as advocates to land future clients within the same company, including:

  • How to find out who your advocates and product champions are
  • How research the needs of advocates and tailor your content and messaging
  • How to deploy Account Based Marketing principles in your Advocate Marketing initiatives
  • How to operationally plan out Advocate Marketing campaigns with sales, customer success and marketing

Here’s my interview with Heather:

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