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Fix Churn Before Demand Gen

Focusing on demand gen is a mistake when other fundamental pieces of your growth engine are broken.

The 4 essential areas to focus on:

  1. Fix Churn: Improve metrics like 90-day retention, LTV and net retention.
  2. Drive Expansion: Scale revenue from your existing customer base with cross-sell and upsells.
  3. Improve Adoption: Increase usage from customers with better onboarding as they try or buy your product.
  4. Increase Close Rates: Ensure your SQL to Close Rates are above 30%, ideally above 40%.


Once the above 4 are handled, focusing on improving demand gen becomes a lot easier.

You can spend a lot more money to acquire customers because your ACV/LTV is higher and you need fewer leads to reach CAC Payback Period.

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