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Growth Leader

Product, marketing and sales collectively bring the overall growth plans of a company together.

None of these functions can lead growth for a business by themselves. They require alignment and orchestration to capture the value from the company's biggest growth levers.

In many cases, the CEO plays this role. But as companies get bigger, the orchestration role gets lost because the CEO's role also evolves.

Eventually, there are VPs and C-Level execs for all functions except Growth (!).

This is why a Growth Team or a Growth Leader is required inside these companies. The role of this function is to bring Marketing, Sales and Product into alignment.

By the way, having a Chief Revenue Officer who primarily focuses on Sales doesn't count either.

The Growth function requires a leader who understands Data, UX, Engineering, Product and Strategy on top of Marketing and Sales.


To learn more about how to hire the right type of marketing leaders, take a look at our full post: How to Hire Marketing Leaders for PE-Backed Companies.

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