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High ROI Marketing Activities

Marketing budgets of so many companies are shockingly upside down.

Activities like Events and Trade Shows that have huge upfront investments and low ROI get more than half the marketing budget in many cases.

The same companies put out a press release (that no one really reads in today's world anymore) every time something happens.

Meanwhile, areas like Paid Media and Content are heavily under-funded, despite their potential to deliver high ROI.

Granted, Low Effort / High ROI paid media campaigns will likely attract many competitors as well. But they're a heck of a lot better than spending $25,000 on a booth + travel and expenses for 10 people to go to an event where every competitor has a booth as well.

Content is the Blue Ocean opportunity -- where most competitors don't venture because of the effort required. It's not easy and it takes talent + expertise to emerge as the winner when publishing content in an industry. It is also where the asymmetric returns exist for most companies.

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