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Is Your Business Using Demand Gen in a Holistic Way?

A common misconception inside companies is that Demand Gen purely refers to one sub-domain of marketing (e.g. paid media or ABM).

Examples of mistakes inside these companies:

-Content and Demand Gen teams are separated inside marketing and operate almost independently

-Some activities get way more of the funding than others -- this is why some companies over-index on Events while spending nothing on Paid Media

-The team lacks skill sets to deliver on the other areas of demand gen (e.g. SEO or Customer Marketing or Product Marketing)

-The team is not revenue-driven and is constantly distracted by the organizations needs for other activities (e.g. Sales Enablement, Corporate Comms) that do anything but drive demand.

What this thinking misses is that Demand Generation is the overall outcome of all kinds of marketing activities coming together.

ABM alone is not Demand Gen.

Paid Media alone is not Demand Gen.

SEO alone is not Demand Gen.

Nurture Content alone is not Demand Gen

Demand Gen is holistically bringing the sub-functions of Marketing together to drive buying interest and intent from the market, prospects and customers.


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